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In this article we will talk about diets for people with obesity. If you're somebody who hunger and not eat anything, but try Culinary yet still manage to no, and because of that you begin to eat everything and every hour.

It is at that point is where the extra kilos begin to appear and people need a diet for obesity. And if you keep reading this article the answer will find it here.

This diet is designed so you can lose 5 kilos in a week, and to achieve your goals here you will find a menu that will suit you, but ideally you start today with this diet, and be not of those who say the "beginning with diet Monday."

Diets for obese people in a week

One of the main advice I give when making a diet is that you should always drink plenty of water. At least you should drink 2 liters of water per day, this is what is recommended for your body is always hydrated and thus can avoid any kind of decompensation.

Now if you've been waiting to say goodbye in a week of those pounds you have others.
Diets to lose 5 kilos in a week


At breakfast you should eat fresh fruit in season and you can accompany with a big cup of tea that you like, it can be tea or coffee any variety and to accompany a slice of toast or a biscuit.

For lunch you can eat chicken breast grilled and to accompany a salad vegetable, here leave the creativity of you as they can consume any.

For dinner I advise you to eat a serving of low-fat cheese that you like, with a slice of toast and a cup of tea.


At breakfast you should drink a light yogurt, and lunch accompanied by a salad you must either eat or grilled salmon or a piece of tuna. And for sena steamed vegetables with boiled rice.


For breakfast you should eat a boiled egg along with an infusion of what you like. For lunch, beef if better beef with chopped tomatoes (1 large tomato). For dinner homemade vegetable broth and do not add anything.


For Thursday in the diet to lose 5 kilos in a week repeat what we have eaten on Tuesday.


For breakfast repeat what the day Monday, but however for lunch we cook a boiled chicken breast and to accompany a salad with vegetables you want. For sena eat boiled rice and accompany with tuna, this may be oil or water it matters, but always taking out the excess liquid.

At breakfast we drink low fat yogurt and cereal but they do not contain sugar. For lunch eat only fruit salad. For dinner we will make vegetable broth and vegetables cooked in the broth the aderezamos with olive oil.


At breakfast Amazingly though you eat a ham and cheese sandwich with a cup of chocolate. For lunch you will eat roast beef, the part that you like and accompany with a vegetable salad. For sena fat-free yogurt (yogurt light) with a cup of whole grains.

In making this diet to lose 5 kilos in a week for obesity that week and you'll notice the results you've had.

What happens next?

This is a diet without rebound so ideally you should not go to recover the kilos you've already lost, but this does not happen you must follow a healthy diet plan and exercise.

And the best program to continue losing weight is the following article: 9 smoothies for weight loss.
Recommendations for obesity

     The first thing you should know is that you need to lead a healthy and balanced diet as it is to lose body fat lose weight or not lose muscle or water.
     For future yours eating more healthy and correct must learn to change eating habits.
     For lunch I advise you to use dessert plates, so what you do is decrease the amount of food you're consuming as it will seem to eat a lot.
     In the fridge and pantry, you need to fill these places with healthy food and junk food, that is I mean: low fat luncheon meats, pasta or brown rice, whole wheat bread, low fat dairy, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

     Do not skip meals, eat and try to eat the same thing twice in 5 or 6 times.
     When you go to make purchases so you do not fumble, leading the money list and just.
     Avoid alcohol.
     At least you should drink two liters of water daily.
     Try to get foods that are high in fiber, such as: unpeeled fruit, whole grains and vegetables, as these foods help you feel good and also prevent constipation.

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Thanks To This Recipe Your Waistline Will Decrease 1 Inch Daily

Do you want to reduce the belly fat by an inch daily? Well, now it is possible only with this recipe that eliminates the excess water from the body, improves memory, eyesight, hearing and brain function.
The main ingredients of this amazing recipe are lemons with peel, honey and fresh horseradish.

The horseradish is great because it destroys the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, salmonella, dysentery and many other parasites in the human body. The horseradish affects the function of the digestive organs, stimulating the secretion of enzymes from the pancreas and stomach and intestinal juices. It is also a great diuretic and improves the function of the heart, liver and circulation and it also helps with rheumatism.Thanks To This Recipe Your Waistline Will Decrease 1 Inch Daily

The recipe for the figure of your dreams:

3 lemons
3 tablespoons of honey
125g of horseradish
First grind the 125g of horseradish. Than take 3 lemons and put them in a blender unpeeled and add them to the grounded horseradish.

Than add 3 tablespoon of honey in the mixture and stir constantly for some time with a wooden spoon.

Keep the mixture refrigerated in a glass jar.

Take one teaspoon of the miraculous mixture two times a day with meals.

Consume it for 3 weeks and watch your waistline shrinking day by day.

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herbs that improve blood circulation

Many people experience circulation problems. While they can be caused from certain health conditions like diabetes, peripheral neuropathy and atherosclerosis, they are often a result of lifestyle factors as well. Persons who live a sedentary lifestyle and do not get decent amounts of exercise can experience circulation problems. And, those with certain risk factors such as smoking can also encounter problems with the body’s blood pumping system. Certain neurological conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome can also lead to circulation problems as well. For those whose condition is not a result of an underlying health condition that requires medical intervention to properly treat and manage, home remedies such as various herbs for circulation can be used to effectively increase the body’s ability to properly distribute oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

There are many alternative poor circulation treatment options. Compression garments, circulation socks, foot massage devices and even lotions and creams are all used as home based poor circulation remedies. For many people these can be effective and provide relief from symptoms such as pain, numbness and tingling and sensations of cold that can result from poor circulation. But, the difference between these poor circulation remedies and those that can improve blood flow from the inside out is that these contribute to symptom relief, but do little in the long term to help improve and enhance blood flow throughout the body. Herbs for circulation work differently in that they also provide symptom relief, but via a more effective means of correcting deficiencies within the body or promoting better blood flow from the inside out. For those considering an herbal source of circulatory boost, we have compiled a list of the top ten best herbs for circulation to consider for a natural way to help the body oxygen rich blood throughout the body, combating symptoms and improving overall health.

Cayenne Pepper1. Cayenne Pepper: explains that the ability to stimulate the central nervous system is the primary way in which cayenne pepper can prove useful in combating circulatory problems. And, that may explain why it is one of the most commonly found herbs for circulation in supplements designed for this purpose.

Ginger Root2. Ginger Root: Ginger root is a vasodilator and that means that it is effective at opening up the blood vessels, allowing more blood to travel through. Ginger root also has other benefits as well, aiding in digestion and staving off nausea, some effects that it may be better known for.

Ginkgo Biloba3. Gingko Biloba: There are many that would say that of all the herbs for circulation, ginkgo biloba, the herb commonly associated with enhancing memory function and men’s health, is one of the most important. This is because it not only helps improve circulatory function, but also strengthens the very blood vessels themselves, improving their integrity and allowing them to work more effectively.

Parsley4. Parsley: One of the most popular herbs for circulation that is found in many supplements designed with this purpose in mind, parsley is a natural vasodilator and its ability to help open up the blood’s passageways throughout the body lend to its circulatory benefits. While it won’t unclog arteries completely on its own, parsley does provide other helpful attributes to the body, such as vitamins like B12 and C, which are also known for their circulatory benefits.

Gotu Kola5. Gotu Kola: A staple of Ayurvedic medicine, this vasodilator has been used for centuries for a wide variety of ails. Aside from its ability to increase spread open the blood vessels, it is also useful for memory improvement and cell repair.

Dong Quai6. Dong Quai: There are some restrictions to using Dong Quai, but that it can be an effective option among herbs for circulation. It should not, however, be taken by pregnant or nursing women. And, those who are taking blood thinners should also stay away from Dong Quai to avoid bleeding conditions.

Prickly Ash7. Prickly Ash: This herb is considered a potentially safer alternative to Dong Quai that may provide relief from conditions such as Raynaud’s disease and others that cause discomfort in the feet and hands as a result of poor circulation without the potential risks. It is also possibly effective for symptom relief of pain from rheumatic conditions.

Horse Chestnut8. Horse Chestnut: The U.S. National Library of Medicine warns that horse chestnut can be deadly if eaten raw due to its poisonous nature. But, when taken safely in a processed form as is found in many supplements to improve circulation, the resulting extract can be effective at treating circulatory problems from insufficiency in the venous system.

Schisandra Chinensis9. Schisandra Chinensis: Known as a popular herb in ancient Chinese medicine, Schisandra may be best known for its memory enhancing abilities. But, it is also a vasodilator that can prove quite useful in promoting healthy circulation as well.

Hawthorn Berries10. Hawthorn: Another herb that is frequently found in supplements that are touted to aid in circulatory health, hawthorn helps the body by both regulating heart rhythm and improving blood flow from the heart. Additionally, it is thought to improve the condition of the heart muscles to help assist in healthy and regular contractions with its restorative properties.

There are many natural ways to improve circulation. Aside from using herbs, there are also foods that improve circulation as well such as flavonoid rich dark chocolate and blueberries whose antioxidant properties can provide a blood pumping boost. Natural options such as these as well as herbs for circulation can help to naturally improve the condition of the body’s circulatory system for long term benefits and symptom relief. Whether enjoyed as a tea for circulation or taken in a supplement, using herbs safely and under the counsel of a health care provider can be a natural and effective way to keep oxygen rich blood pumping efficiently and properly throughout the body.



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With This Mixture For 10 Days Only, You Can Remove The Toughest Wart!

Does your warts prevent you from removing your extra clothes off because you feel a bit ashamed about your warts? Or, do you need to put make up often just to hide your blemishes and warts?


Warts are small, rough growth resembling a cauliflower or a solid blister that can grow everywhere: on the face, around the mount, the nose, the scalp and the forehead. The most often, warts appear on the hands, particularly in children. Several types of warts are as follows:

    Common warts
    Flat warts
    Plantar warts
    Periungual warts
    Filiform warts

This infection can occur at the public beaches and at the swimming pools, with sexual contact, with using towels, toilets, bathroom or shoes that have come in contact with an infected person etc. The warts are caused by a virus infection, Human Papilloma Viruswherein the body develops resistance and due to the effects of the immune system they almost always disappear. But if they don’t, then they need to be healed.

You can remove warts from your hands, face, chest or neck with applying herbal preparations already for a couple of weeks of the treatments. They are pink growth that appear on the semi mucosa and skin.

So How Can You Remove Warts Naturally? Follow this simple steps:

    Soak some gauze in beer foam and cover the warts on the hands. Repeat the treatment daily until the warts disappear. This treatment can be used for all parts of the body that have warts.
    For hardened warts, add sea water since it has minerals, salt and iodine, that incorporate foster for wound recuperating and drying of warts. Press a little houseleek, put sea salt and leave it to melt. Take a bandage, soak and place it specifically on the wart. Hold for some time. It is important to repeat this treatment of seawater for at least 10 days for better results.


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If You Notice Any of These 10 Signs You Should Stop Eating Gluten Right Now

Bread, pancakes, muffins, rice, pasta; gluten is in so many different things. Kind of like glue, gluten is the component that holds these foods together and there are tons of studies that suggest that it isn’t good for the body. In fact, for some people can’t eat gluten at all.

For these people, they either have a difficult time digesting gluten or can’t digest it at all. Known as celiac disease, this gluten intolerance can have adverse effects on the body.


Do you think that you may be having trouble with gluten? Here are 10 signs that will tell you that yes, without a doubt, you are having difficulty processing gluten and that you should stop eating it.

    You have an increased amount of gas, bloating and diarrhea, or you are constipated. If you are having a difficult time digesting gluten, your bowels will be greatly impacted. In fact, for most people, this is the first sign of gluten intolerance.
    The development of Keratosis Pilaris, or ‘chicken skin’ on the back of the arms. This happens when the body has a deficiency in fatty acids and a vitamin A, which is secondary to fat-malabsorption, which is a result of gluten doing extensive damage to the gut.
    You feel tired, run down and like you are in a fog, especially after you eat a meal that contains gluten.
    You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus or Ulcerative colitis. These autoimmune diseases are the result of your body trying to break down the gluten, even though it can’t.
    You have certain neurological symptoms, including dizziness or you feel as if you are off-kilter (imbalanced).
    You have a hormone imbalance, like PMS or PCOS, or you have been trying to become pregnant and can’t or you are otherwise infertile.
    You are experiencing frequent and severe migraine headaches.
    You have been experiencing constant pain that is not linked to an illness (fibromyalgia) or you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. These diagnosis mean that your doctor is unable to identify what it is that is causing your condition.
    You have inflammation, swelling or pain in your joints, your fingers, your knees or your hips.
    You are experiencing serious issues with your mood, including anxiety, depression, mood swings or attention deficit.

If you think that you may be intolerant to gluten, you should talk to your medical care provider as soon as possible. He or she will be able to conduct a series of tests in order to accurately diagnose whether or not you unable to process gluten. However, even if your doctor does determine that you are gluten intolerant, it can take months or even years to clean it out of your system.


5 Simple Ways Of Using Turmeric To Cure Pimples

Turmeric is truly a magic spice. It doesn’t just add better flavor to your food but comes with a host of medicinal properties as well. Turmeric works wonders when it comes to improving complexion and fighting common skin problems like acne, pimples, dark sports, redness and many other skin-related problems. Turmeric for pimples is the simplest and one the most effective solutions.

Among these problems, pimples are something that bothers most teenagers. It is a major area of worry for both teenagers and adults. Pimples crop up when the skin is infected and turmeric is a great cure for most infections. Turmeric powder for pimples actually helps by removing the excess oil and destroying the bacteria. It is also a good antioxidant, which helps in treating pimples and the inflammation caused by them. So here is a quick guide to help you know the benefits and uses of turmeric for treating pimples.
Applying Turmeric On Pimples

1. Turmeric Paste:

This is probably the easiest and the most commonly used turmeric-remedy for pimples. All you need is turmeric and water. You can apply this paste to the pimple-affected area and leave it for some time. This will stop the pimple from developing further and cure it really soon. Apply this regularly to get best results. You can also substitute water with honey as honey has antiseptic properties.

2. Turmeric and Sandalwood Paste:

This combination also works wonders for pimples and skin in general. You need to take sandalwood powder and turmeric in equal quantities and make a paste using rose water. Apply this on your pimples. Leave this for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off using lukewarm water. You would be surprised with the kind of glow on your face. Similarly, you can also add neem powder to this paste instead of turmeric.

3. Turmeric with Olive Oil:

Take two spoons of turmeric and add half a spoon of olive oil to it. Mix the two ingredients really well and apply it on your pimples. You can also substitute olive oil with sesame oil if you want. The antibiotic properties of turmeric can really help clear pimples fast.
4. Turmeric and Rice Flour:

Mix one teaspoon of turmeric, 2 teaspoons of rice flour and around 3 teaspoons of yoghurt well until you form a thick paste and apply it on a clean face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. The combination of turmeric and rice flour is an excellent cure for pimple-prone skin.

5. Consume Turmeric:

Apart from all the above-mentioned face masks and packs, you may also eat a spoon of turmeric every day. You can also add turmeric to a glass of milk, bring it to a boil and drink it regularly.
Things you must know about turmeric face masks for pimples

    Turmeric face mask may cause some redness to your skin, so be careful and do not leave the mask on for more than 15-20 minutes.
    Overusing it may burn your skin, so use moderate quantity of turmeric every day.
    Turmeric may also give a yellow tinge to your skin. Make sure you wash it off properly using a cleansing lotion or a toner.
    If your skin is dry and dehydrated, replace water with milk to get a more soft-looking skin.
    Ditch your face wash and cleanser. When you use turmeric pack or mask, the antibacterial properties of turmeric clean your face effectively; you need not harm your skin by using chemical-based products ever again.

Hope you are a little more aware about turmeric’s usage for pimples, go ahead and use it as your secret beauty weapon.

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How To Lose Weight On Your Face Easily?

Face is most susceptible to weight gain than any other part of our body. And the worst part is that it is practically impossible to hide unwanted face fat. An even greater problem is that it is not easy to lose fat from the face. But a regular weight loss program followed by some facial exercises will help you greatly to lose fat on the facial area. It should also be noted that in the process of losing weight naturally, it is the face that shows considerable difference. Along with these exercises and a thorough diet, you will also need dedication to carry on further.

Facial fats develop from several reasons which include being overweight, soft facial muscles, genetics and ageing.  Excessive consumption of alcohol also leads to a chubby face. Technically it is not possible to lose weight from one single part of the body. You have to work on the whole body to achieve a thinner face.

In this article, you will discover some really simple steps to lose face fat. So read below to understand how to loose weight from your face.


Exercise is the most effective way to reduce fat on your face as it has a direct impact on your body than any other means. Exercising increases blood circulation which burns the unwanted body fat in the form of sweat.

1. The easiest and most important of all the exercises is running. Start running or jogging on a daily basis. Running and cycling helps to lose fat from the face and also keeps the body fit.

2. For areas around the eyes, close your eyes gently, and then look up and down. Do not rush through this exercise and ensure that you repeat this exercise several times a day.

3. Lie on a flat bed. Open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows as high as you can. Relax and repeat this exercise ten times.

4. In order to slim chin area, extend chin and bottom lips out and up. Perform this exercise at least 10 times a day.

5. Exercise facial muscles by raising and lowering your eye brows, wrinkling your nose, alternately smiling and puckering your lips. Do each of the exercises at least 10 times a day.

6. Smile as wide as you can and stick out your tongue and raise it close to your nose. Hold it in this position for 5 seconds and repeat as much as you can.

Food and water intake:

     First, you need to reduce the amount of sugar and salt intake. Both sugar and salt contain high levels of sodium which leads to more fat accumulation. Refined sugar and salt in our diet contribute to water retention, and can make your face look fatter. Sodium doesn’t allow flushing of unwanted fluids. They keep accumulating in our body and add to excess fat. Also avoid street foods as you don’t know how much salt or sugar is added to them.

    Totally avoid caffeine for the first two weeks of your weight program.

    Include green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.  Take at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre and will keep you full for a long time. They also contain good amount of liquids in them which will avoid bloating and keep you hydrated for a long time. Some fruits contain high calories so choose your fruits carefully. Go for apples, grapes, oranges and berries as they are packed with antioxidants which will help to lose fat on the face.

Wildfire Smoke Becomes The Health Threat That Won't Go Away

Smoke rises from a wildfire approaching Twisp, Wash., on Aug. 19. Smoke can damage the health of people hundreds of miles downwind.

I stepped out my parents' front door last Thursday, expecting a typically glorious summer day in southern Oregon. Instead, I was hit with acrid wood smoke that stung my eyes and throat. The air was thick with haze that obscured the mountains. I quickly retreated inside.

Health departments across the West are mobilizing to protect residents from smoke generated by dozens of fires that have sent smoke as far east as the Midwest.

"It's really bad," says Janice Nolan, assistant vice president for national policy at the American Lung Association. "I hadn't seen 'code maroon' days, which is the most hazardous air quality, in years."

A screenshot of fire conditions on, with orange icons showing fires and gray representing smoke.

A screenshot of fire conditions on, with orange icons showing fires and gray representing smoke.
via AirNow

Lewiston, Idaho, is stewing under "very unhealthy" smoke, with older people, people with heart and lung disease and children urged to "avoid all physical activity outdoors."
And it's hardly the only city affected. Last weekend, Portland, Ore., which typically enjoys crystalline summer skies, was swathed in unhealthy levels of smoke that resembled wintry fog. It had drifted in from fires in Washington state.
"Unfortunately, this may be the new normal for us," says Jim Vannoy, program manager for environmental health programs at the Idaho Division of Public Health. "Not just for a day or two, but for weeks on end."
An extended drought and climate change mean more fires that burn longer, Vannoy says. The public health department is trying to get the word out through the state'ssmoke blog and social media, so people can learn how to protect themselves.
For schools, that means indoor recess and no outdoor sports practice when air quality levels are unhealthy, according to an advisory the public health department sent to Idaho schools.
Tiny particulates in smoke travel deep into the lungs, where they evade the body's defense systems, Nolen says. That poses an especially big threat to people with asthma, cardiovascular disease or lung diseases. Children are susceptible even if they're healthy, she says, because their lungs are still developing.
Staying inside is the best defense, Nolen says, with air conditioning set to recirculate air. Check the local air quality index before heading out. "If it's anything above a code green, people will be affected."
Face masks don't help, according to both Nolen and Vannoy. Lightweight masks used to fend off germs don't keep out fine particulates, and N95 masks that do are uncomfortable to wear all day. "We really hesitate to recommend face masks," Vannoy says. "We really want people to stay indoors."
The state may also consider establishing clean air shelters where people can get away from the smoke, he says.

If there's any silver lining, it's Vannoy's final recommendation: "We recommend not vacuuming." Most home vacuums don't have HEPA filters that catch tiny particles, he says. So if you're smoke afflicted, ditch the vac for the sake of public health.


7 Amazing Ways to Heal Cracked Fee

Here are the top 10 ways to heal cracked feet.

1. Scrubbing

Scrubbing the hard, dead skin away helps a great deal in getting rid of cracked feet. Before scrubbing, soak your feet in warm soapy water to help soften the skin and make it easier to scrub.

Before going to bed, mix some liquid soap in a foot tub filled with warm water.
Soak your feet in this warm soapy water for about 20 minutes.
Use a pumice stone to gently scrub off the loosened dead skin cells.
Rinse off your feet with clean water and pat dry with a soft towel.
Apply some foot cream or moisturizer and wear a pair of clean cotton socks overnight.
Follow this remedy daily until your cracked feet are healed completely.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another incredible remedy for dry, cracked feet. It helps moisturize your feet and also fights fungal and bacterial infections, thanks to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Before going to sleep, soak your feet in warm water and scrub with a loofah.
Dry your feet thoroughly and then apply coconut oil generously on your feet.
Put on a pair of clean, cotton socks for the night.
The next morning, remove the socks and wash your feet.
Do this daily for several days until you are satisfied with the results.
You can also use olive oil in the same way.

3. Mentholated Rub

This is another popular home remedy for cracked heels because of the many essential oils that it contains. It also helps heal toenail fungus.

Apply some mentholated rub on clean, dry feet before going to bed.
Put on a pair of socks and leave it on overnight.
The next morning, remove your socks and wash your feet with warm water.
Repeat daily for a few days until the rough skin peels off.

4. Paraffin Wax

You can also use paraffin wax to remove the dead, dry skin and cure cracked feet. It will also work as a natural emollient to soften the skin and retain the natural oils on the skin.

Heat some paraffin wax in a microwave or double-boiler and add an equal amount of mustard oil or coconut oil to it.
Apply this thick creamy paste on the cracks and put on a pair of socks.
Leave it on overnight and wash your feet thoroughly in the morning.
Follow this remedy daily for one or two weeks.

5. Glycerin

Due to its moisturizing and humectant properties, glycerin works as a great remedy to get rid of cracked feet.

Make a mixture of equal parts of glycerin and lemon juice. You can also add some rose water.
Apply it on your feet.
Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with water.
Follow this remedy daily for about two weeks.

6. Epsom Salt

Epsom facilitates the process of healing cracked feet as it promotes circulation. Plus, the magnesium in Epsom salt promotes skin health and draws out toxins.

Add one-half cup of Epsom salt in a foot tub filled with warm water.
Soak your feet in it for 10 minutes.
Gently rub your feet with a pumice stone for a few minutes.
Put your feet back in the Epsom salt soak for another 10 minutes.
Finally, dry your feet thoroughly and apply a moisturizer or petroleum jelly.
Repeat daily for two or three days.

7. Vinegar

Vinegar can also be used to treat cracked feet as the acetic acid in vinegar helps soften the skin which in turn makes exfoliation easier. Vinegar foot soaks are also beneficial for tired feet.

Mix one-half to one cup of white or apple cider vinegar in two cups of water. Soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes and then slough off the dead, dry skin with a pumice stone or foot scrubber. Then, wash your feet and pat dry thoroughly. Finally, apply a moisturizer or petroleum jelly.
Another option is to make a natural foot scrub. Mix a handful of coarse rice flour, a few tablespoons of raw honey and apple cider vinegar to make a thick paste. You can also add one tablespoon of olive oil to it. Wash your feet well and then gently massage your feet with this paste for a few minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat once or twice a week.


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4 Solutions Against Cracked Heels

Instead of giving money every week for a pedicure why don’t you try this easy tricks that will help your feet to look better.

These 4 solutions will help you to remove the dead skin cells from your feet:


1. Shaving Foam

Apply a large amount of shaving foam on your feet. In a large bowl combine equal amounts of water and water for rinsing the mouth and soak a cloth. While your feet are still covered with a foam, wrap them in the towel and leave them for half an hour. With the same cloth then rub your feet until you remove the remaining s from the foam. Along with it you will remove the dead skin.

2. Herbal or olive oil

Take any nutritional oil and massage your feet. Put on cotton socks and sleep with them. Do this treatment several times a week.

3. Vaseline

Another great tool to soften the dry skin. The procedure is the same as the oil.

4. Bath with salt

The hot bath with salt is the simplest recipe for healing cracked heels. In hot water, add one hand sea salt, wait to melt and put your feet in it for half an hour. Then do the treatment with oil or vaseline.


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This Will Make You Stop Cleaning Inside Your Ears

Many people regularly clean their ears with the best intentions of keeping them clean and healthy. However, ears are not designed for cleaning. In fact, they have their own hygienic regime in place, and by sticking objects into the ear, you are only disrupting this natural process. Or worse, causing an injury.
The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNSF), warns against the use of cotton-tipped applicators and the habit of probing into your ears. On their official website, they connect the over-zealous ear cleaning with the risk of hearing loss

Ear wax, medically known as cerumen, is a healthy feature of your ears and acts as a self-cleaning agent. It has protective, lubricating and anti-bacterial characteristics. It migrates from the ear drum to the ear opening, cleaning the ear canal, and then drying and falling out. This is a self-regulating process and in normal circumstances, there is no need to interfere. If there is an absence of ear wax, the ears become dry and itchy.

What happens when you use cotton swabs to clean your ears?

When you use cotton swabs, you are actually pushing the wax deeper into your ear, and into the area where it shouldn’t be. It can get stuck and blocked against the ear drum, which can cause all sorts of complications.

Fungus, bacteria and viruses from the outer ear get pushed into the ear and can cause infections, which are extremely painful. Second, if the wax is jammed deep inside the ear canal, it can cause hearing loss. If it gets shoved even further, it can damage the ear drum and result in a rupture.

Should the ears be cleaned at all?

Ideally, your ears should never be cleaned. By cleaning the inside of the ear you are only creating a vicious cycle. Dr. Douglas Backous, M.D., chair of the AAO-HNSF and director of hearing and skull base surgery at Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, explains that when you constantly rub the skin of your ears, a lot of histamine gets releases. This makes the skin irritated and inflamed. And the more you scratch, the more it itches.

The only time that ear wax should be cleaned is when you’ve been assessed by a doctor, who has noticed wax accumulation (cerumen impaction). The condition presents with symptoms such as earache, hearing loss, tinnitus, itching, odor and discharge. The ear should then be cleaned by a medical professional.

If you do want to continue cleaning your ears, do not insert anything into the inner ear! Clean only the external ear (which is also the recommendation of cotton swabs manufacturers), using a cloth.

You can also use gentle at-home irrigation if you really have to or just cannot leave your ears alone. Dr. Backous recommends a mixture of one part white vinegar, one part rubbing alcohol and one part tap water. Makes sure it’s at body temperature and use a few drops in each ear.

But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be putting anything into your ear. Just let the body do its magic!

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Coronary Arteries Cleanse With Only 3 Ingredients

The role of arteries in the human body is to transport nutrients and oxygen to the heart and to other major body organs. Logically, they need to remain clean in order to preserve your health. Because of this, nutrition is crucial for your arteries and your entire health.

Heavily processed products, fatty foods, toxins and chemicals may lead to serious damage of the cardiovascular health, since they cause havoc with the cardiovascular system.


There are three effective ingredients which can alleviate and even eliminate blocked arteries and remove fat from blood, so they are extremely important for those who suffer from blocked coronary arteries.

Their mixture results in a delicious and healthy drink which provides numerous health benefits. Namely, this combination can regulate body fat, will enable you to resolve blocked coronary arteries easily, will purify the liver, protect the body from flu and cold, destroy free radicals and infections that impair the blood circulation and improve the immune system entirely.

Here below is the recipe for the miraculous coronary arteries cleansing drink:



    4 liters/1 gal of clean water
    8 lemons
    8 cloves of garlic
    4-5 cm /1.9 inches of ginger


Rinse lemons well and slice them in pieces. Now add the peeled ginger and garlic and put all of them in a blender. Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth and then place it in a pot.

Then, add the water and put the liquid from the pot to boil. When it starts boiling, remove it from heat. Let the mixture to cool off and strain the liquid. Pour the prepared drink in bottles.


This healthy beverage should be consumed on a daily basis. Drink it on an empty stomach two hours before meals. It is advisable to do some physical activity at least three times a week during this cleansing treatment. That will lead not only to artery cleansing, but to an improvement of the overall health condition.


Friday, August 21, 2015

In Just 60 Seconds Save The Life Of Someone Who Suffered A Heart Attack

According to Dr. John Christopher, you can save a person`s life, who has just suffered from a heart attack, with just one move. Chill powder is the miraculous healthy tool which you should always have in your home.

 If the person who just had a heart attack is conscious instantly give him a glass of water mixed with chili, while if the person is not conscious, put a few drops of hot peppers extract under his tongue.

Dr. Christopher claims that this is the fastest and simplest way to save a person`s life. After this first aid your patient will soon recover and will return to normal.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Natural Remedy for Varicose Veins

Many people are familiar with the beneficial properties of tomatoes, but few know that with the help of tomatoes can cure varicose veins.

There are two ways to cure varicose veins using green and red tomatoes.

The treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

Green tomatoes are a simple folk remedy to combat varicose veins.

Need to wash some green tomatos and cut them into slices or rings. Slices of green tomatoes should be placed on the nodes of varicose veins, the veins themselves and the existing capillary, venous network. If necessary, tie some bandage. Keep tomatoes at these points until you feel a burning sensation on the skin. If you can not hold long, remove it as soon as you feel a burning sensation and wash the veins with cool water. But, if this procedure is well tolerated, the result will be visible very soon. This procedure should be repeated 5 times a day, preferably in a row.

After two weeks of daily implementation of these procedures, venous nodes will start to fade. Will eventually disappear the capillary network, nodes, swelling and pain in the veins.

The treatment of varicose veins with ripe red tomatoes

The procedure is similar to the previous one. Ripe tomatoes should be washed, cut into thin slices (slices) and put the painful veins in 3-4 hours and consolidate some bandage. The next treatment was used to replace fresh tomatoes. This procedure is preferably carried out in the evening or at night.

The duration of treatment is individual. You can carry out all summer in combination with green tomatoes.

A tomato has healing properties because in it, in addition to seeds, there is a substance which by its characteristics similar to aspirin or aspirin drug. This acid is considered to be an anticoagulant, which dilutes the blood and gives her stagnation.

In addition, the tomato has flavanoids that strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here’s What a Man Consumed and Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine!

Four years ago a young men was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. Taking insulin and high blood pressure pills was inevitable.

By consuming raw fruits and vegetables he succeeded in overcoming his illness!

He discovered accidentally only 4 years ago that he had diabetes. Namely, he constantly felt thirst.  When he went to the doctor he was in for quite a shock. They measured his sugar to be 29 and they told him that his pancreas was no longer working and that he wouldn’t be able to live without insulin.

He came to terms with his diabetes. Even though he accepted it reluctantly he took insulin regularly and participated in some sports activities. However, over time other medical issues appeared. His triglyceride levels increased up to 16, his pressure was up to 150/100, he drank a lot of pills…

On New Years Eve of 2013 he decided that he had enough illnesses and turned a new page as he said he turned on the TV and saw the show “The Edge of Science” in which the guest was Dr. John Zirdum who for 12 years lived on raw foods.

He watched the show and after giving it some thought he decided to give it a try. He bought a blender and started a new life.

For seven days he had the same temptations and all of them were successfully overcome. In a very short period of time there were the first results. His blood sugar level dropped to 5.

He could not believe it. He decided not to take insulin anymore, because it was only logical that by maintaining such a diet sugar levels were unlikely to increase. He was also thinking that if blood sugar levels were to increase eventually he would take insulin. But all was well. Soon enough he began losing weight.

Every day he weighed a kilo less. For some 25 days he lost 11 kg. Four months have passed since he decided to shift to raw food and he became completely a new man. In addition he no longer uses insulin, his blood pressure is 120/70,  his triglycerides level 1.4, he has lost more than 20 kg, he lives without a single pill and feels fantastic.

Here’s What a Man Consumed and Overcame His Diabetes without Medicine

Recipe of his favorite juice

His favorite juice is the one that contains:

a handful of kale
5 kiwis
2 bananas
2 apples
and you pour all of that with half a liter of water
In the morning you should drink half a liter of juice and the rest of it during the day.
Additionally, when you feel hunger you should constantly eat fruit, fruit salads and add tuna as well due to the vitamin B12 which is much needed to the human body.

The point is that there is no hunger, because the brain does not know that the stomach is empty, he gets information through the blood, and in the blood you have everything you need.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

3 Very Simple Homemade Tips To Brighten Up Your Dark Underarms At Home

How often have you glanced at your lady love’s long and slender arms and felt like melting into her embrace? However, women always tend to feel shy while wearing sleeveless tops or shirts, particularly if they have dark underarms. That can be a real source of mortification and embarrassment. So here are some effective homemade tips to brighten up your dark underarms.

Brightening Up Your Dark Underarms

Dark armpits can be a major source of embarrassment, particularly if you are donning an off shoulder gown or a sleeveless top. How to get rid of such unbecoming dark patches on your underarms? Instead of going for the rigorous and painstaking parlor hair removing treatments, it is a far better bet to opt for the home made tips to do it.

1Don’t shave, wax your armpits: Instead of shaving as it’s a quicker method, it would be much better if you started waxing your underarm With shaving, only the surface hair comes out. However if you resort to the natural method of waxing, you should be relieved to feel your tender underarm skin much lighter. This is because the hair is pulled out from the base while the waxing is being done.

2Applying creams and skin tones: If you are very fond of wearing sleeveless dresses and are embarrassed to because of your dark underarms, use lemon. It is a great source of lightening your skin. Just rub the lemon juice on your armpits before having your bath and use a moisturizer after you are done.
You can also create a solution of juice after grating the cucumbers or potatoes. Leave this juice on your underarms for about fifteen minutes which will help it to lighten the area. Then wash it off with water. You can also use the potato skin to rub the afflicted body portions.

3Paste for treatment:

You can create a paste out of sandalwood and rose water for the underarm treatment. You can apply it and wash it off after a few minutes. This paste will naturally lighten the ugly dark patches on your underarms and give your skin an attractive glow.

More Reasons For Having Fair Underarms

If you have light skin toned and fair underarms, you will not shy away from wearing sleeveless dresses or off shoulder gowns in public. But why go to the parlors to get professional beauty treatments? It can be done right here, at home, itself, with no extra costs incurred. Read on for more homemade tips to brighten up your dark underarms.

Other Ways Of Lightening Your Underarms

There are other ways of lightening your dark underarms too, which shall be discussed in this article. Turmeric powder is a very good agent of lightening the skin tone which would be useful if you have dark underarms. You need to blend it with a few amount of saffron and also a suitable amount of milk to apply on your black armpits. Wash it off after twenty minutes.

Turmeric powder can also be used with a combination of juices of lemon and cucumber. Keep in on the underarms and wash away after a period of twenty minutes.

A Very Clean Conclusion

Your underarms should be exfoliated on a regular basis to prevent the collection of dead cells which creates the dark appearance on them. These were some homemade tips to brighten up your dark underarms. Hope you found them helpful, in order to have  clean and healthy underarms for wearing prettily revealing dresses.  One word of caution is to keep your skin well moisturized after rinsing off the underarm lightening treatment solution.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Tea Immediately & How To Make Ginger Tea

Nutrients in Ginger

Ginger is rich in essential oils that give it its unique taste and smell. The most important ones are gingerols, shogaols, and zingerone. It is because of these oils that ginger is capable of fighting parasites, funguses, viruses, and bacteria. The roots of the vegetable contain so many nutrients that help in improving the digestive system, the immune system, heart’s health, and in treating asthma, and in relieving pain.
Why you should Take Ginger Tea?

There are many health benefits of taking ginger tea.

    Regular consumption of ginger tea will help fight headache, cold, sore muscles and flu. It has special ingredients that help in reducing pain. This is achieved by stopping prostaglandins from triggering an inflammation in various parts of the body.
    Ginger tea also helps boost your immunity. Make sure to take it more often. The vegetable is rich in antioxidants that help in the improved functioning of your body’s defense system against diseases and infections.

    Studies show that taking just 1 cup of ginger tea per day can help reduce the likeliness of suffering from a stroke. This is made possible by breaking down all the fats that could block the arteries.
    Ginger helps in improving the blood circulation due to its unique warming property. Improved blood flow means nutrients and oxygen reach throughout the body, helping in the proper development of the body.
    The protective properties of ginger tea help in fighting viral infections including influenza, cold sores and cold.


Use the following ingredients and directions to make ginger tea.


    Water – 1 cup
    Ground ginger – 1/4 tsp
    Turmeric (ground) – 1/4 tsp
    Coconut milk
    Honey (organic and raw)


Boil the water and add turmeric and ginger. Lower the heat and let it simmer for a few minutes. Add milk and remove the tea in a cup. Add the honey.

Source: Living Traditionally


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Three Simple Ways Of Removing Dry and Dark Skin On The Elbows

If dark elbows is something that worries you, then you should definitely give these tricks a try. You can effectively get rid of dry and dark skin on your elbows at home using any of these three DIY easy methods.

Olive oil and sugar

This is an excellent combination for skin moisturizing and pilling, which can also be used all over your body.Three-Simple-Ways-Of-Removing-Dry-and-Dark-Skin-On-The-Elbows

What to do:

Mix one olive oil with one tbsp. sugar
Massage your elbows as well as other parts on your body with dry and hard skin using this mixture.
Do this for 5 minutes, and then wash your skin with warm water and soap or shower gel.

Other health benefits of olive oil:
Olive oil is also beneficial against heart disease, diabetes,  cancer, oxidative stress, hypertension, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Shea butter or coconut oil

Both of these oils are extremely efficient when it comes to natural skincare; they soften your skin and hydrate it at the same time.

What to do:

Massage your skin with shea butter or coconut oil every night before going to bed.
Rub it in well on your
Leave it to act overnight.
Repeat the process every night until your skin softens.
Other health benefits of coconut oil:
Coconut oil is highly beneficial for blood sugar regulation because it stimulates insulin absorption in the body. Moreover, coconut oil can improve thyroid function, thus boosting metabolism, energy and endurance. It also stimulates digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Turmeric milk

A skin-friendly spice, turmeric has proved beneficial for both skin protection and hydration.

What to do:

Mix one turmeric powder and some milk to get a thick paste.
Rub the paste well into your elbows leaving it act it for 5 minutes.
Wash your elbows with soap and water.
Other health benefits of turmeric milk:
The health benefits of this home remedy are endless – it cleanses your blood, relieves cough and cold, eases headaches, protects from hepatitis, helps with insomnia, arthritis, and much more.