Monday, August 24, 2015

4 Solutions Against Cracked Heels

Instead of giving money every week for a pedicure why don’t you try this easy tricks that will help your feet to look better.

These 4 solutions will help you to remove the dead skin cells from your feet:


1. Shaving Foam

Apply a large amount of shaving foam on your feet. In a large bowl combine equal amounts of water and water for rinsing the mouth and soak a cloth. While your feet are still covered with a foam, wrap them in the towel and leave them for half an hour. With the same cloth then rub your feet until you remove the remaining s from the foam. Along with it you will remove the dead skin.

2. Herbal or olive oil

Take any nutritional oil and massage your feet. Put on cotton socks and sleep with them. Do this treatment several times a week.

3. Vaseline

Another great tool to soften the dry skin. The procedure is the same as the oil.

4. Bath with salt

The hot bath with salt is the simplest recipe for healing cracked heels. In hot water, add one hand sea salt, wait to melt and put your feet in it for half an hour. Then do the treatment with oil or vaseline.


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