Thursday, October 29, 2015


Diet to lose 5 kilos
As noted above, there are hundreds of different diets to choose from. Some of them are based on a food, its natural properties that may be the most beneficial.That is the case of pineapple. It is composed primarily of water, which helps to hydration of our body, and has vitamins (such as group A, B and C) and minerals. As for weight loss, it is an ally against against the hated fat and cellulite. It also prevents constipation.

You like the taste will be an extra motivation to stick with the pineapple diet, then we suggest you. Take two slices of pineapple for breakfast with toasted bread, which you can put a little olive oil.

By mid-morning, you can drink pineapple juice, preferably made by you to avoid non-natural ingredients.

For this you must remove the shell with the help of a sharp knife. Then you can cut it into pieces and blend it well, with the help of a blender, along with virtually the same proportion of water (so it is not thick). If you find it too acidic, you can add a little liquid sweetener such as saccharin or a pinch of sugar cane (healthier than white sugar), but not too much.

Lunch should consist of a piece of lean meat, preferably chicken or turkey, about 200 grams, which can be accompanied with a small salad. If you prefer and would vary from one day to another, you can replace the white meat fish such as hake or panga, among many other varieties. For dessert, two or three slices of fresh pineapple.

At snack will repeat with pineapple but not to get tired, in a different format, such as yogurt. For dinner, repeated vegetables, which may well be in a salad which can include pineapple or vegetable soup or cream. Finally, repeat lunch with dessert.

You can also try other natural products, such as artichokes, which also offers plenty of benefits. So, you can eat it stuffed, grilled, in salads, side dishes ... are infinite in products giving the land can become our main tool.

An hour a day, you should reserve a space for exercise. There can be no excuses, just brisk walking for your environment or combined with the trot. Sure you get.

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