Sunday, December 27, 2015

DIY Hair Growth Therapy That Works Wonders

That feeling of losing hair in clumps kills the spirit and joy in a person. This stress makes us turn towards both chemical and herbal remedies Out of so many options, we are often unsure of which one is the most reliable

Fear not.Stylecraze is here to help.

Avoid chemical hair treatments as their harshness can further damage the hair. Opt for gentler and nourishing herbal or natural DIY treatments.Here’s a simple and easy to prepare DIY hair growth treatment recipe that will not only inhibit hair loss but also promote new hair growth. This will give you healthy and shiny mane that you have always desired.

DIY Hair Growth Treatment

What you will need:

Almond Oil – 40 ml
Coconut Oil – 40 ml
Castor Oil – 10 ml
Aroma Magic Stimulate Oil – 5 ml
Aroma Magic Lavender Oil – 5ml
Vitamin E capsules – 3 capsules
This will make a 100 ml mixture. You will also require an empty bottle for storing it and a measuring cap to take the required quantities. Always remember to store this concoction in a cool dark area. Only application is not enough, you need to massage and do a hot oil treatment to reap maximum benefits

I have used the following (you may use brands you prefer):

DivyaBadam Rogan Almond Oil (from Baba Ramdev’sPatanjali)

PatanjaliTejus 100% Pure Coconut Oil

Castor oil from a local brand,

Evion Capsules (Vitamin E)

The two oils mentioned from Aroma Magic

How to Prepare the DIY Hair Growth Oil?

Mix the above-mentioned quantities of Almond, Coconut and Castor oil.
Add 5ml each of Stimulate Oil and Lavender Oil.
Squeeze 3 Vitamin E capsules in the mixture.
Shake the mixture well and store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.
How to Use this natural therapy for Hair Growth:

Massage your entire scalp and hair for about 10 minutes on alternative days. You can also make use of an electric massager for complete coverage of the shaft. You can use the parachute advanced therapy massager.

Leave overnight and rinse it with a good, gentler shampoo .Shampoos loaded with sulphates may erode hair follicles or strip hair’s natural oil leading to more hair fall.


To avoid the harshness of excessive chemicals in shampoos, consider the following products:

Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo
Soul Tree
Rustic Art shampoo
Organic Surge
Biotique range of shampoos and conditioners
Results of the DIY treatments

I am happy to say that this worked well for me.

Image of me before Use:

 image of me before use

You would notice that my hairline that was previously receding, now looks much better. This therapy made the hair stronger and thicker, leading to less or no hair fall.

Supplement this therapy with plenty of water consumption (at least 3 liters everyday) and keep your scalp clean by cleansing it by shampooing at least thrice a week.

I am sure that this beauty tip for hair growth i.e fast hair growth will facilitate hair re-growth so that your hair glows with good health!

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